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    Good decisions comes from experience.

  • Kumar Consulting,PA

    and experience comes from bad decisions

  • Kumar Consulting,PA

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    Let us help you in making “Good Decisions to achieve your business goals and objectives"

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Kumar Consulting (estb.1996), is an Accounting and Business Consulting firm providing an array of professional services including Accounting, Taxes, Business consulting, & Technology. Our goal is to provide you with a “ONE stop solution for your business needs. Business world is experiencing probably the most dramatic changes in global economy, international trade, technology, and workforce. Small business is growing as the biggest business and more than ever the business owners are making the smart decision to take the help of other professionals to achieve their business goals and objectives.

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We are dynamic, high-growth company.remains a cut above the rest because of experienced, hard-working and friendly people that exceed Client expectations every day.
We are premier provider of motivated and highly trained consultants and professional personnel who have the unique skills and expertise necessary to help our Clients meet their business goals in a cost effective manner.