About Us

Our bussiness mission is to render services that are tailored to your unique and specific requirements, available to you timely, delivered with utmost professional touch, and at the most reasonable fees.

KUMAR CONSULTING, PA (KC) a CPA and Management Consulting firm was formed in 1996 and headed by Suresh Kumar CPA, MBA.

KUMAR CONSULTING, PA (KC) provides various professional services including Compilations, Financial Statements, Payroll/Sales Taxes, Individual/Business Taxes, and Accounting setup, training, and support.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a "1 STOP" professional solutions for the various business challenges at reasonable fees.

Our team of professional staff is well experienced to help with all your accounting and tax needs.

Kumar Consulting, PA is a CPA and consulting firm providing an array of professional services including Accounting, Tax, Consulting, and specialty services to various small and medium sized business and non-profits Organizations. Our services are custom made and cater to various sizes and nature of businesses at reasonable cost.

Our Portfolio